Want to showcase your special house? DHS offers one way

27 November 2020
DHS House Marker close up

Do you live in a historic house? If so, the Dorchester Historical Society is offering you a new way to showcase it.

In an effort to celebrate the rich architectural heritage of Dorchester and Mattapan, the Society has set up a historic marker program for older homes in the community.

If a property meets the criteria for recognition and its documentation has been confirmed, the homeowner can purchase an attractive oval marker to affix to the house that will include the year of construction, the DHS name, and – if desired – the name of the architect, the original owner, or a resident of historic significance.

“Markers like these spark interest in local history and can call attention to historic preservation efforts,” said DHS President Earl Taylor. “Easily visible to the public, they reflect the importance a community places on its heritage,” he added.

To be considered for a marker, a house must have been built at least 100 years ago and must have essentially retained the integrity of its original design and construction, though additions and alterations would not necessarily be cause for exclusion.

A house built less than 100 years ago would also be considered if it embodied the distinctive characteristics of a particular architectural style, or if a past occupant made a significant contribution to local, regional, or national history, culture, or the arts.

Marti Glynn, a DHS board member, told the Reporter that a program of this kind has been in the works for years. “This has been something that people have discussed on the board for some time, and to me it always seemed like a really good idea,” she said. “I have an old house, many of us in Dorchester have old houses, but people don’t know a lot about their old houses. We thought this would be a good way to acknowledge the history here in the neighborhood and get people interested in learning more about where they live.”


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